Welcome to Nottingham Office Services!Facilities Management & Building Support

Nottingham Office Services provides tailored services to fit individual working environments and business cultures. As a private company, we have the flexibility which allows us to become unique and importantly excel from our competitors within this ever changing climate. We achieve this by thoroughly understanding your needs then working closely with you to provide our service features that will benefit your individual requirements.

With over 200,000 square feet of managed office space in the East Midlands, NOS provides both soft FM and hard FM thus meeting the requirements of four key sectors which are Landlords, Tenants, Building Owners and Property Agents. Simply choose the section that is relevant to you. You will find key information on our six main services, plus with tenants the chance to view current available office space.

For every service within the four sectors, we have provided a snap shot of the level support that we could potentially offer you. With NOS it is about understanding what your requirements are, so this is why we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

What We Offer?

Do you need on-site Facilities Management assistance or are looking to outsource you FM to an external provider?

We offer a competitive, realistic approach to help you manage your facilities for a short period or through a longer more detailed contract.

We try to take the hassle out of matching tenants to office space and helping them move with the minimum of hassle. In addition, we support you on site. We can help you by managing your premises to make the most of your offer or by supporting you and your business with regular or temporary assistance when you need to make the right impression or simply to help you get the job done.

The simple things can make all the difference such as friendly staff and politeness on the phone. Taking an interest in your business to help you create the right impression to clients. If you are in need of our help then please feel free to contact the team today who will be happy to help – no obligation!

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We can offer you anything from weekly building visits to a full front of house service including cleaning, security and caretaker facilities.

We can offer advice as well as support on improving the occupancy of your building.

Utilities form a huge cost to any business.
But by looking at all your costs, from suppliers, maintenance and staffing we can give you an external opinion of what can be saved and where. We will look at all your Utilities to establish if you are getting the best deal out there.

Do you need more income or maybe just need to take another look at how you utilising your space? Are you making the best use of the space for both your tenants and your building?

Over a period of time even the newest buildings require attention. Left alone they will only need more sending on them in the  future. We can look at putting together a planned maintenance schedule as well as a reactive program to deal with all eventualities over the coming years.

Sometimes we all question why we have or pay for something. However most of us know what is required and what is a luxury.
If you own a building or even run one compliance is something you cannot afford to ignore. The costs for non compliance far outway the cost of us helping you achieve them.